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We’re all just looking for something real. Something to hold on to that won’t disappear


missing the point

realize what’s real must be free

and what’s free can’t be held on to

not for happiness

at least

It’s the holding that saddens,


you wrap your fist around it

it feels good in your hand. And while you enjoy the feeling, slowly seeping

the growing in your hand starts ceasing

a story for some…

feeling dirty trying to make a buck off of what i love

so i embrace what i hate to pay for what is my fate

to love in darkness, to light fire to the pure

break down to find an out of the trap of needing a cure

you can’t heal what’s not there

you can’t lose if it’s there without a form

but you can change your definitions

keep the structure

fill in the smile behind the destruction

shut your mouth and move me with your body

moving in space

your voice will be in your poise

in the gaze that lasers through my skin

your mind will move me like a mountain

your heart pounding in my head

you move your hands

across all of time and space

I shift

I’ll lay with you when you hit the bed

not questioning, or demanding, not needing

not speaking

holding total understanding in the fresh air

with you

with they all too

it doesn’t matter how beautiful your lens is

how clear the shot

when you can feel the real

coming out at you through the moments

when you can hold the irreal

by acknowledging your existence

in contrast


I’ll be there with you

spending our time remembering


I want to forget and live

forget so that time can’t hurt me

you want to let yourself feel again

but it’s just easier to

oh these lines fill my head


cause when the rich are rich, they really are poor

and when you’ve got too much it’ll drive you to the floor

babe I’m tellin’ you,

stay hungry too

and I know and I know and I know

the hardest hunger is that which you choose

but here’s the silver lining, it’s the hardest to lose

and when you hold to that bit of control

and you’ve got a grip

make sure you stay loose

don’t let it slip